How to Make Moving Less Stressful

Group of friends packing their stuff for moving in new apartment

Change is a constant thing, but moving out and into a new home or apartment can be overwhelming and tiring. Trying to figure out when and where to start, and what you will require for a less stressful move is no easy feat. But it must be done efficiently and effectively to allow your transition to be as smooth as possible. Here are six things you can do to make your move less stressful: 

Get Started Weeks or Months Ahead of Time

To save time and reduce stress, create a moving plan and a packing list in advance. Start packing weeks or months ahead of time to avoid pressure and fatigue. You can start packing items you don’t need in your daily routine, such as decorations. 

Remember to get moving supplies like boxes and tape for packing. If you send your items to a self-storage, it is advisable to get boxes of the same size so that everything is uniform and coordinated. Also, call a moving company to book a time slot for your moving day. While you pack, note down what you won’t be taking to your new place.

Use Self-Storage

Are you moving to your apartment, a friend’s place, or taking out time to travel? Wherever you’re going, chances are that you’ll need self-storage. You will find items you no longer need during your packing activities but are still in good shape. 

They can be packed and sent to a self-storage for safekeeping at a fee until you need them. Excess furniture or materials that won’t fit in your new apartment can be sent to a self-storage facility to avoid clutter at your new place when you move in. 

Clearly Label Boxes

Pack items using a labeling system to avoid later confusion and frustration. You can pack according to the rooms in your new place. For example, label boxes with kitchen items as  “Kitchen”. Fragile things should be packed together and labeled as “fragile”. The labeling system will help the moving team to know how to arrange boxes in the moving vehicle. 

It will also let them know what to be careful with. You could also opt for a color labeling where you label the boxes with individual color stickers that match the paint colors of the rooms in your apartment. Labeling the boxes saves time when you are ready to unpack in your new home and makes it easy to remember and where to find specific things. 

Listen to Your Favorite Upbeat Music When Packing

Music tends to influence your mood, putting you in high or low spirits. Packing is a lot of work, and doing it alone without listening to music can quickly tire you out. Listening to music while working will decrease your awareness of using energy. 

Upbeat songs you can listen to while moving around will keep you busy in the packing mode. Playing your favorite playlist will inspire you to sing and dance along, making the packing activity more fun.

Get Plenty of Rest

While working on moving out, you mustn’t ignore your needs, such as rest. Studies show that without enough sleep, moving issues such as decision-making and problem-solving can become exacerbated. 

Getting enough sleep and rest will revitalize your body and help you stay alert during the moving process. At the end of the day, it all centers on you, so make sure that you’re healthy enough to do your part. 

Ask for help from family or friends and get some rest while they help you. It would be best if you wake up rejuvenated and ready for move day. Moving day will require your energy; ensure you feel well-rested on that day.

Have a Moving Party with Your Friends

New beginnings are always worth celebrating. Have a moving party with your friends to celebrate a fresh start. The purpose is to say goodbye, cheerfully, especially if you move to another state or country. 

You can either hold a party at your place or opt to buy them lunch to celebrate. A party or a get-together will help ease your transition to a new neighborhood and provide you with one final chance to spend quality time with family and friends.

Avoid unnecessary pressure during your moving process by planning ahead of time and allowing enough time to pack efficiently. You can go through the moving process and have fun while at it. Follow the suggested tips above for your next move and enjoy a stress-free transition.