Key partners to hire to improve your SEO

Everyone knows that being properly optimised for search is a sure way to drive more traffic to a website. But how do you go about optimizing correctly and who are the partners that you should be working with in order to achieve the goal. There is no one answer to this and you can look to work with an end-to-end service provider, or you can engage separately with different service providers who will each deliver a specific component of the optimisation process. Whichever route you end up going, it doesn’t matter, what you want to ensure is that the result is improved domain authority, increased traffic and more conversions for the goals that you are looking to achieve. So, who are the people you should be looking to hire? Here are few providers to talk to.


One of the key components of any SEO packages Australia or New Zealand has to offer is freshly created content. Google and other search engines love fresh and original content and it often takes a specialist to create this. Look to find a partner who will commit to a content calendar and then write engaging content for your site. It might be that they don’t have the actual knowledge required to write the content by themselves – if that is the case then let them interview people within your organization and write up those conversations. Their skill is their ability to write and you should rely on them to produce quality content that can be leveraged on social media and on other partner and marketing platforms (like newsletters).


For a website to rank properly on Google it needs to be developed according to Google’s best practice guidelines. This means that the URL structure needs to be right and that the metadata needs to be properly presented and structured. It also needs to render properly for mobile and use best-of-breed technology. This is all stuff that a reputable and experienced development house will be able to sort for you – if you take a short-cut and ask your brother-in-law’s friend to do it in his spare time, you may well find that in trying to save cash in the short-term that you are creating more problems in the long-term.

Link partners

Once you are producing content on a regular basis, look to find partners who are prepared to link to your site. The higher their domain authority the better it is for you. Most publishers or platforms with good domain authority will charge you to place a link, but in some cases, it can be a symbiotic relationship where you link to each other’s platforms for mutual benefit. Whatever the case, reach out to partners who you think will add credibility and weight to what you are doing and get talking.

Find an agency

A digital or SEO agency is an outfit that should be able to help with an end-to-end solution. This is often the way to go as it means one touchpoint and a more integrated strategic approach. On the surface, it might appear to be a more expensive option, but remember, they are doing everything! For example, Octiv Digital, a Denver SEO company, will handle link building, content writing and technical SEO. All you have to do as a business owner is sit back and enjoy the organic traffic.