How to Prep Your Basement for Incoming Renters

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If you are renting out your basement, you want to make sure it’s ready for renters. A few simple things can mean the difference between a good renter and a bad one, so do what you can to ensure that they have a comfortable stay in your basement apartment.

Make Sure To Vacuum And Clean The Space

A clean basement is more inviting than one full of cobwebs and dust bunnies. Keep up with general housekeeping by getting rid of trash and clutter around the basement area. It will help keep your pets at bay if there aren’t any piles of cat food or dog treats lying about. No one wants to be confronted by an aggressive animal when they first arrive at their new home; it’s only natural to be cautious.

Fix Any Issues With The Plumbing Or Electricity

Prior to having renters move into your basement, you should try and fix any issues with the basement plumbing or electricity that could turn into a headache down the road. If you’re not sure how to fix some of these issues yourself, hire a handyman for small jobs like this one. A rental property manager can also help out if you have an issue with basement plumbing or electricity, they deal with this sort of thing all of the time.

Add Blinds To Your Windows And Doors

Leaving basement windows uncovered is inviting for criminals. All it takes is one look from across the street and they know exactly what you have inside. Even basement windows that are under an overhang or otherwise obscured can still be seen by nosy neighbors. If you don’t like the idea of blinds, install curtains instead.

Clean And Decorate The Bathroom

You may want to consider renovating the basement bathroom before renting it out to renters. It’s their home away from home, so they need a clean and inviting space in order to feel at ease while living there. There should be enough storage for all of their toiletries and other bathroom essentials, so get rid of anything that could get in the way of this important task.

Locate Nearby Storage Facilities For Their Belongings

Seek out nearby storage facilities so you can recommend them to your renters. Your basement apartment is a nice space, but it’s not as convenient as having an extra room to store all of their belongings in. If they don’t plan on moving anything into your basement right away, there should be ample storage space for everything they need until they do move in. 

Get Rid Of Clutter To Create Room For Renters

If there’s too much clutter and mess lying around the basement area, it might scare off potential renters who want a clean home to begin with. Clean out things like old exercise equipment and boxes that no one has gone through for years. It will help make it feel like a fresh new start for the new tenants that are about to move into your basement.

Check The Fire Safety Equipment And Other Utilities

Beware of basement fires that could damage the rental property and endanger the lives of your renters. Test out both fire alarms, especially if they are battery operated, to ensure they work properly. Make sure there’s an easy way to escape through basement windows in case there’s ever a basement fire or some other emergency happens.

Decorate With Artwork And Plants For A Fresh Look

When it comes time to decorate for renters, choose plants and artwork that will give them a fresh look without spending too much money on new furniture. Some paintings on the wall can do wonders in terms of livening an otherwise drab basement room.  

Increase Lighting For A More Inviting Space

Although basement windows provide some lighting, they’re not enough to brighten up a space. Instead of making the basement too dark, add more lights around the room and on the ceiling for better lighting from all angles. This will make your basement apartment look brighter and more inviting for renters who are moving in.

Following these tips will help you get your basement apartment ready for renters in no time. Remember, you can also check out nearby storage facilities like Protection Self Storage to accommodate their belongings while you’re prepping the basement for renters.