How to Make the Most of Your Managed Service Provider

When running a small business, it’s important to get the most out of any service you pay for, especially when it comes to technology. A managed service provider (MSP) can offer your small business much more than just a reliable internet connection. Make the most of your MSP today by investing in other services they likely offer. 

These solutions will save your business time, money, and space while boosting productivity and security. Read below to learn how to make the most of your managed IT services.

Invest in Technology

When it comes to new technology for your small business, your managed service provider can offer helpful and reliable solutions that are unique to your small business.

One of the ways in which they can assist you is by providing advice on the best hardware and software to buy. That is, the systems and programs that will not only do what you need them to, but that will also integrate well with those you already have in place.

Fully Integrate Your Systems

New technologies are only as good as their integrations. In order to remain competitive in your market and maximize productivity, you’ll need your applications, software, and hardware to work together. An MSP can provide your business with seamless integrations and updates that help your technology to perform at it’s best.

MSP’s can also provide real-time data and analyses that you can use to inform your business decisions. Most importantly, good integrations will save your business money while inspiring confidence in your customers. 

Increase Cybersecurity

Many people believe that hackers only target large, faceless corporations. However, 58% of cyber attack victims are small businesses. Clearly, protecting your data against those with evil intentions has never been so important.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of ways for hackers to steal your sensitive business data. A data breach can result in loss of revenue and productivity, and can even cause your company to permanently close.

The good news is that a MSP’s are able to increase your cybersecurity and monitor your systems around the clock. In fact, an MSP like a Birmingham IT Company can even provide real-time, human-based support to supplement your current cybersecurity.

Outsource your IT department 

Outsourcing your IT department is one of the simplest ways to save. Outsourcing your IT to an MSP provides your business with expert services to take care of your IT needs 24/7 while simultaneously reducing your IT costs.

Additionally, your MSP can also help when it comes time to implement new IT projects. This means you don’t have to pay for an IT project manager or specialized tech team.

Because of your partnership, your MSP will already be familiar with the way your company works, and the IT systems you use. This advantage will help any project be more effective than working with a team that has no prior experience with your company.

Get a Network Assessment

Another way you can make the most of your MSP is by asking them to run a network assessment. A typical network assessment scans your entire IT environment in order to identify potential breaches and areas for improvement.

Talk to your MSP today to take advantage of the services they offer which can save your small business time, money, and hassle while ensuring your company stays on top.