How To Make The Most Of Your Cryptocurrency Conference

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The word is out that blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency is the new hottest innovation in the tech industry. And of course with any new hot trend comes a plethora of industry conferences to support them where you can network with movers and shakers and listen to your favorite Cryptocurrency speaker.

When planning for such a major event, its important to be well prepared. Most of these conferences are not cheap and when you include your travel expenses, depending on where you are coming from, you can easily spend a few thousand dollars. Therefore, it is important that you be well prepared to make sure you get the most out of the conference.

Even though you may be able to deduct your expenses from attending professional or work-related conferences on your taxes, or if your employer reimburses you for the expenses of attendance-that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to spend as much as possible. In fact, if the money for a conference is coming out of your own pocket, or your employer will only reimburse up to a predetermined amount, it might be worth your while and efforts to try to save some money and keep expenses under control. Here are some tips for getting the best price and saving some money when you attend a conference:

1. Register early

Almost all conferences offer a discount for early registration. Some even have tiers of registration prices and the earlier you register, the bigger your discount. This is because so many people wait until the last minute and for an overworked conference event planner, the more paperwork and registration processing they can get done earlier, the more time that is left for the consuming activities in the final days before the conference. 

You may even get additional discounts if more than one person from your company attends, you are a member or subscriber, you also purchase advertising or are a presenter, etc. Read the fine print and take advantage of whatever discounts you qualify for. The same goes for booking your travel and accommodations, if they are not included in the conference registration. The earlier you make your reservations, the better rate you will likely get (and the better the choice of rooms will be.)

2. Plan for meals

Make sure you understand which meals, if any, are included in the conference registration and make a plan for your other meals. If you don’t eat every single meal out, you’ll save money. Find out if the hotel or conference providers are offering breakfast or a morning snack. You may be able to bring some simple food with you to help you avoid buying under duress or hunger and you’ll save money by having alternatives and a plan.

3. Save all your receipts

Save every single receipt associated with the conference. This will help you not only with your business expense reimbursement and deductions, but in the event you need to get a refund, you will have the receipts handy. Make sure the receipts are either easy to identify and decipher, or you have written a note on the back so you’ll know exactly what each slip of paper is for.

4. Get organized in advance

“Think through all the possible expenses in advance, prior to attending the conference, and set a strict budget for yourself” says life coach David Rose of the Coaching Institute. “This should include any tips, travel, incidentals, or purchases you may want to make at the conference, as well as a little emergency money.” 

Then, stick to the budget! It is easy to get caught up in the environment and spend more money than you intended. If there are particular exhibitors or products you are interested in, take the information and you can evaluate it better once you have returned home and are out of the frenzy and energy of the conference.