How To Find The Perfect Rug For Your Floor

How To Find The Perfect Rug For Your Floor

One of the most underrated design decisions that you can make is deciding to place a rug on your floor. This simple piece of interior decor can dramatically enhance the feel of a room, and enrich its aesthetic, pulling together all the components of your interior decor style. However, finding the right rug can be a little tricky. Here’s what you need to do to find the perfect rug for your floor.

Figure Out the Rug’s Function

There are obviously a large number of different sorts of rugs. What you want is a rug that fits the immediate function that you need it to perform. For instance, if your rug will cushion some furniture; that will place unique demands on it. If the rug won’t lie beneath any furniture, the kind of material you need will be different. You may even want the rug to muffle sound in a particular room. The function you have set aside for the rug will guide you in terms of the siwe of the rug, the material it is made from, and its colour.

Broadly, if the rug will be used for furniture, it should have ample space for the furniture, otherwise it will look too small, and very awkward. Padded rugs feel really comfortable, and they are really great for places where people move around a lot.

Get the Right Material

If you have young children, or pets, your floors will often get very dirty and experience a lot of wear and tear. You should consider rugs made from robust materials. Each material comes with its own pros and cons. For instance, high pile rugs have very long fibres, which makes it easy for dust, dander and leaves to stick to them. Synthetic materials such as nylon, polypropylene, and wool, are also a great choice, but come with their own downsides. Full Coverage Painting & Flooring has found that a rug can provide much needed protection for your floor, against wear and tear, lengthening the life of your floors.

Choose a Design

Rugs are often thought of as statement pieces, but they do not have to be. Sometimes, a rug is just a rug, and fulfils a very clear purpose, such as protecting your flooring, or providing traction on very smooth floors.

That said, rugs can and often do fulfil a design purpose. For example, if your decor style is full of bold colours and striking patterns, you can use a rug to create more balance, by contrasting that boldness with a rug with a subtle design. So, before buying a rug; think about your overall design, and what it needs. Then, pick a design that meets the needs of that space. Ask yourself if your rug should provide depth, intricacy, subtlety, colour, or neutrality, or if it should be monochromatic. Asking these questions and thinking about your rug as part of an overall design, will enhance your overall design.

Generally, it’s good to have colourful rugs in places where people gather, because this lifts the mood of the place and often is the missing link in terms of pulling the design together.