How Managed IT Services Can Make Your Business More Efficient

How Managed IT Services Can Make Your Business More Efficient

One of the most difficult things for any business to navigate is their information technology (IT) or computer services. This is of particular concern for startups and small businesses, as having in-house IT personnel can be quite expensive. For this reason, many companies of all sizes have begun to switch to managed IT services. Let’s take a look at what this means and how it could potentially help your business.


What Are Managed IT Services?


“Managed IT services” is a term that refers to outsourcing most or all of a company’s computer services tasks, including 24-hour maintenance and monitoring, professional services like maintaining databases or websites, and much more.


In other words, instead of paying a full-service IT staff, they pay an external company a monthly or yearly fee to handle the work for them.


Why Do Companies Use Managed IT Services?


There are many reasons why more and more companies are choosing managed IT services, including the cost. Traditionally, a business would have to hire multiple employees to handle their IT work (including training and benefits). This can be an expensive proposition, especially as tech worker salaries have increased significantly in recent years.


Additionally, it makes budgeting a lot less complicated. Under the traditional system, a company can have a lot of unexpected costs like server replacements or downtime, constant upgrades, or other issues. Conversely, with managed IT services, your business pays the same amount every month. The money you would be saving for contingencies can then be allocated to other areas, allowing your business to grow.


Other factors include a lower amount of liability for the business if something should go wrong, lower risk, and simple convenience.


Optimizing Corporate IT Through Managed Services


Managed IT services have competent, well-trained, and professional staff that are experts in the field. They can help optimize your business solutions by making sure that you’re using the right hardware, programs, and systems in every area of the backend.


They also provide constant monitoring for downtime, server issues, and other concerns 24 hours a day. If your company’s website goes offline at 3 AM due to a server failure and you use managed servers, the issue will be resolved long before you wake up in the morning. With in-house IT, the issue might not be noticed for several hours and could take much longer to resolve, which can potentially lead to lost sales.


Above all, the most important services they provide are peace of mind and the freedom to allocate company time and resources to growth or other areas. The less time you spend worrying about routine server maintenance, the more time you’ll have to focus on keeping your business running.


Final Thoughts

IT services can really make your business run more smoothly, while taking extra tasks off of your own plate.

These are just a few of the reasons that companies are moving away from hiring a dedicated technical staff and choosing managed IT services instead. If you’d like to take IT off your plate and focus on your business, consider managed services today.