How Bitcoin ATMs are Helping to Change How We Approach Cryptocurrency

How Bitcoin ATMs are Helping to Change How We Approach Cryptocurrency

Today, most people have heard of cryptocurrencies. Few understand much about them. Many envision an alternative form of money. While it can exist as this, it is so much more.

Why Crypto ATMs?

The value of cryptocurrency ATMs are in their capacity to provide first contact to prospective users of decentralized money. The concept of decentralized, peer-to-peer transactions is something that the global economy will need to realize on a fundamental level before mass cryptocurrency adoption occurs. Put simply, a blockchain system of money is validated by anyone who has the knowledge and means to obtain and operate the hardware. All users have the same benefits under the system. It is the purest form of a free market that can exist on the digital plane.

Background of the Crypto Industry

Crypto systems are user-centric. Independent developers gravitate to the industry. While individuals come together over decentralized networks, innovative companies often provide practical decentralized applications (dapps). Mind you, dapps are less important that a true blockchain like Bitcoin. However, they help facilitate mass adoption by providing practical use cases.

New blockchains and dapps rely on the stability of Bitcoin. It is why crypto prices rise and fall with Bitcoin. Similarly, new crypto hardware (like ATMs), software, and emerging dapps are all impacted by Bitcoin. When you begin to explore crypto, you experience just how complex decentralized money can be. It’s advantages are undeniable, but the technology is still in development. Cryptography is challenging enough for the conventional operators of the Internet. Blockchains must account for their self-determinant systems operating across national borders with an imperviousness to hacks. It’s worth the effort, but just impractical for many at the moment.

Streamlining Crypto for Everyday Users

Many users are put off by the challenges in completing a cryptocurrency transaction on their computer. This is understandable, especially for the non-technical person. It is one reason why crypto ATMs exist. Users can simply follow the instructions on a screen and obtain a paper copy of their wallet. This paper receipt that holds blockchain keys is much easier for many to grasp.

There are other reasons for dedicated crypto devices like Bitcoin ATMs. One of the most influential individuals in this field is CoinFlip founder Daniel Polotsky. CoinFlip is a hardware provider that extends the range of decentralized money. It focuses on a user-centric business model. The company provides low rates, a streamlined registration process, and high-quality customer service for the crypto industry. The need for such services in a young, technical industry cannot be overstated.

About CoinFlip

CoinFlip is a provider of Bitcoin ATMs. Its services the most popular cryptocurrencies. Users gain easy and secure access to decentralized purchases and transfers of their money. CoinFlip already has hundreds of crypto ATMs across the United States. Below is a shortlist of the cryptocurrencies that CoinFlip supports:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Tron
  • Binance Coin

CoinFlip was founded by Daniel Polotsky. He was inspired by the first Bitcoin ATM made public in 2013. What Daniel saw was a need for more user-friendly ways to obtain popular cryptocurrencies. He would devise a system that has become one of the most valuable assets for the growing cryptocurrency community.