Hauler Hub: Shifting the way we Ship

HaulerHub was founded in 2019 in Brooklyn, NY, and has since become a full-service tech platform in the transportation and logistics arena that emphasizes cutting out the middleman, creating direct communication for all parties, and saving their clients precious time and money associated with standard 3PL fees. The tech startup focuses on streamlining the communication process between shippers and haulers. With HaulerHub, Shippers receive quick access to reliable haulers who can deliver the freight on time and independent haulers get the chance to compete with larger, institutional fleets usually picked by shippers simply due to the size of their fleet. Now, shippers can hire haulers based on their efficiency and quality of service.

How HaulerHub Works

HaulerHub serves as a platform where shippers can easily deliver cargo on time. Better yet, HaulerHub handles all of the annoying paperwork that goes with it. With just a few clicks, shipping customers register their freight  . and its destination on the HaulerHub platform. Haulers can bid on shipper’s freight based on their capacity and capabilities. Once haulers have bid on the freight, shippers have their choice of bid and can choose the haulers and the price that best suits them. This can all happen from beginning to end via a desktop computer or even on a mobile device.

From there, shipping customers are able to track their deliveries 24/7. HaulerHub has used years of industry experience to model itself accordingly and create a seamless technological product suited to benefits both shippers and haulers. In fact, the technology employs artificial intelligence along with smart computing in order to process transactions as smoothly and quickly as possible.

HaulerHub prides itself on three main tenets of service to stand out amongst competitors::

  • HaulerHub is cheaper, 
  • HaulerHub is faster.
  • HaulerHub is smarter.


HaulerHub cuts down on the costs that are normally associated with third-party logistics (3PL) operations by allowing the shippers to partner and communicate directly with the haulers. With the middleman out of the mix, direct communication between parties can commence and all signs of those annoying hidden fees are eliminated. HaulerHub will simplify the process and put money back in the client’s pockets all at once. 


Paperwork can be a logistics nightmare, keeping clients strapped to their desks at all hours in order to simply keep up with the flow of traffic and keep cargo running on time. Quote requests, negotiations, and searches for reliable haulers hinder and slow the shipping process. Yet, HaulerHub reduces the mile-high stacks of paperwork by getting to the heart of the client’s needs and allowing the technology to simplify and speed the process while adding transparency in every single step. 

Shippers only need to:

  1. Post the specifications of their cargo load to the HaulerHub platform.
  2. Wait moments as multiple haulers bid for their services. 
  3. Choose the correct hauler for the project.
  4. And let HaulerHub do the rest.

This direct line of communication created by the HaulerHub technology cuts out the middleman, speeds up the logistics process, and keeps cargo moving and arriving consistently ahead of schedule. With so much time saved, shipper’s cargo will always see ample time in transit, cutting down on safety concerns for all parties 


Shippers and haulers have completely different needs and motivations. Shippers require their freight to arrive on time, in one piece, and for the lowest cost. Haulers need to move cargo quickly. HaulerHub technology efficiently aligns both parties’ needs creating an optimized solution for all involved.

HaulerHub provides a seamless platform backed by cutting-edge, smart technology to get the job done and done right. HaulerHub’s technology employs effective AI tactics and smart computing to optimally connect shippers with haulers, expedite transactions, simplify paperwork, and lower costs for all.

On Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Tech Trends

“In preparation for the reset in a post-coronavirus-world, supply chain leaders seek to exploit the benefits of digitalization to an even greater degree. They must look to innovative technologies that have the potential to disrupt supply chain operating models and provide a competitive advantage.”

  • Gartner Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2020


For the Shippers

Shippers stand to benefit in more ways than one when utilizing HaulerHub technology. With no more than a click on your desktop or a swipe right on your mobile device (Yes, HaulerHub can be found in both the App Store and Google Play.), shippers will have almost completed the entire task. The shipping company matches its cargo and the destination to the best hauler option which comes with reliability, speed, and offering the fairest price for the job. 

HaulerHub simplifies what once was an arduous process filled with hidden costs and too many cooks in the logistical shipping kitchen. Until now, the supply chain model offered little benefit to the shipping client as these useless companies stood between the shipper and its hauler, causing delays, extra costs, and miles of unnecessary paperwork. 

HaulerHub technology cuts the fat out of the equation and places the hauler directly in front of potential shipping partners. This new technology is performing the very tasks mentioned in the Gartner quote above, disrupting the supply chain with great success and providing those companies that make the choice to use the new tech a clear and decisive competitive advantage on competitors who do not.

Plus, the simplicity with which a shipping company can optimize its operational overhead with this new technology is surprisingly easy to dissect. Not only is the HaulerHub technology putting cash back in its client’s wallets, but it offers companies the gift of time to work on optimizing other portions of the supply chain that might need more attention.

The startup’s technology simply asks each shipping client to answer three questions:

  • What are the items you wish to ship?
  • Where does it need to go?
  • What will it cost to get there?

What used to be a situation fraught with peril, becomes an operational and logistical walk in the park for HaulerHub users.

For the Haulers

Haulers who are interested will find the technology simple to maneuver when asked to bid on a listing and match with the correct shipping company. The technology is also built to provide haulers with the correct cargo amounts to fill capacity and maximize efficiency. HaulerHub becomes the middleman for the transaction, but without the enormous hidden costs to all parties.

The business of shipping and hauling can be quite competitive and logistically treacherous.  HaulerHub seeks to simplify every step of the process through its platform.

HaulerHub is all that is needed to successfully ship and haul orders of all sizes. Anyone interested can easily sign up now as either a shipper or a hauler via the official HaulerHub website.