Funny Ads Reminding You to Change Your Printer Ink

Have you ever forgotten to change your printer ink? 

I know that I have.

Printer ink is often one of those things that you put on the back burner. You know that is something that you need to get around to doing. But it is often low on your list of priorities. 

Funny Ecofill Adverts

Now a series of funny adverts have cropped up reminding people like me that we need to change our printer ink more often than we do. 

The most notorious comes from the ink cartridge company Ecofill and their partners Ogilvy & Mather. 

Ecofill’s adverts feature a group of people lined up in a row. The person on the left of the image is fully-clothed, while each person to their right is wearing less and less. 

One advert features bridesmaids wearing magenta. The first bridesmaid is fully clothed, wearing a dress with gloves and shoes. 

The next bridesmaid along is wearing slightly less: a single-strapped dress, instead of a double. Then next is wearing a strapless dress, but still looks elegant. 

As you move down the line, the dresses get shorter and more revealing. By the time you get to the ninth bridesmaid, the dress has disappeared entirely, and the poor woman is wearing nothing but underwear. 

The last bridesmaid doesn’t even get a bra. 

What’s The Point Of Funny Printer Ads?

The point Ecofill is trying to make is that you don’t want to go without ink. You don’t want to be left like the last bridesmaid, with nothing but magenta knickers at the ceremony. You want to be fully garbed. 

The Ecofill adverts have a theme. I particularly like the beekeeping version. 

This one starts with a fully-dressed beekeeper on the left with a full-body suit and netting around the face. He’s ready for the occasion, and the bees swarming around his body are no problem at all. 

The next guy still looks pretty good, dressed in his bright yellow beekeeping suit, but problems start cropping up as you move down the line. 

The third guy doesn’t have any netting around his face. And the last guy is taking on a swarm of bees wearing nothing more than a pair of bright yellow Speedos. 

Ecofill continues with the theme, introducing line after line of people, becoming increasingly naked. In the beekeeping example, the slogan is, “don’t let the yellow run when you need it the most.” 

In other words, you don’t want to find your business in a situation where it’s run out of ink. I know that I need ink stocks high. 

Don’t Get Short-Changed By Your Printer Ink

Keeping ink stocks high can be a challenge, and the price also can be expensive, especially when you need to change your ink a few times a year. 

The best way to never forget about changing your ink is to opt-in for an online solution where they ship to you remanufactured inks (it’s much cheaper than original inks) in a timely manner; I recently tried and their pricing was affordable for me. 

it’s never a good thing to run out of ink. The Ecofill adverts might be funny, but they make a good point. Going without ink can cause significant issues.