First-Time Buyers: Home Ownership Made Easy

The housing market has seen many changes in the last century, with land prices rising steadily, and the people who really suffer with a highly buoyant market are the first-time buyers. Many working couples have been saving for years and are still unable to get together a 10% deposit, and unless family can help, there’s little alternative than to continue renting, which is never good business.

The Endless Rental Cycle

A young couple are working all hours, yet with the high cost of living and the many expenses, they are unable to save the deposit that the lender requires. Ten percent is a lot to find and consequently, they have little choice but to keep renting, even they know this is not wise. There are many people in that situation and with an online search, you can find a company that specialises in helping first-time buyers, a company that will walk you through the process.

One Shop Process

Rather than dealing with a mortgage lender, an architect, a builder and a legal department, there are one shop solutions, companies like, a leading provider of quality homes that specialise in helping young people get their feet on the property ladder. The company buys the land, handles the legal aspects, design and builds the house, while also taking care of the home loan.

Comprehensive Service

This company is far more than a builder, as they handle the following:

  • Land acquisition
  • Legal department that deals with land title deeds.
  • Planning permission
  • First-time buyer home loans
  • Home design

If you have always believed that home ownership was beyond your means and have accepted another 5-10 years of saving before you can finally buy your home, there is now a solution in the form of a company that is designed for the first-time buyer.

Start Investing Now

As soon as you become the legal owner of a property, you are making money, and the sooner you get into the real estate market, the better. Once you reach retirement age, the property will be paid for and you have a nice nest egg for financial security in your old age, and you can sell the family home and downgrade to a small bungalow, which will leave you a lump sum to keep for a rainy day. Many Australian people are taking advantage of this one shop first-time home purchase solution, and if you would like to learn more about how to become a homeowner, an online search is all it takes to source the right company.

Government Support

When you wish to build your own home, you can claim up to $10,000 in government concessions, plus they will help to pay for solar panels to power your home. There isn’t a better time to make the move from tenant to landlord and never again have to worry about asking permission to make any changes top your living space.

Get searching online and take the first steps towards home ownership and you certainly won’t regret it!