Fender-Benders: What to Do if it Happens to You

You are lucky if you haven’t ever been in an accident on the road, and it’s safe to say that every single driver dreads the idea of it – even the smallest accident is a huge inconvenience. A fender bender is one of the worst inconveniences on the road, because that grinding crunch of the metal that comes with a fender bender is often one of the worst things to deal with. If you’ve ever experienced a fender bender, you know how annoying and worrying they can be. 

They may be common, but it can be so difficult to remember what to do when they happen out of nowhere. An auto body in Salt Lake City can ensure that your car is clear to be on the road at all times, and if you do end up in a fender bender, they can take care of you! While you have the backup of the right auto shop, you need to know what to do if you end up in an accident. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Always Stop

If you ding your car against anything, make sure that you stop the car! You need to know that you can swap insurance details and ensure that you are safe. Stopping the car allows you to assess the damage with your hazard lights on so that people can see you. If you can, leave the car and make sure that you don’t leave the scene.

Call The Police

If you leave the scene of a fender bender, it could be considered as a hit and run. When you do stop after the accident, call the police and register a police report. You need to make sure that you have this for your insurance claim if you need to make one.

Take Some Photos

It doesn’t matter how big or small the accident is, you need to take some pictures. You need evidence of the accident – even if it’s the smallest scrape of paint. You should even take some photos of where the accident happened and photos of what you hit.

Grab Information

Swap information with the person you hit/who hit you, from their insurance card to driving license and name. You should then give the other person your details, too.  When the police come to the scene, you should think about taking their information too so that you can collate it all into the accident report. Your insurance will need to know all of this information and when it comes to filing a claim, it’ll be super helpful to have the right info.

Call Your Insurance

Speak to your insurance provider about the accident. You need to ensure that you have someone on your case as soon as possible so that you can settle any claims made. You can speak to someone and ensure that you make the right decision for your situation, too. If you follow these tips, you can get the right support in the case of a minor accident. You’ll also have your back covered in the event of a bigger accident, too.