Digital Marketing tips: Comparing PR Newswire, Businesswire, and PRWeb

Press release distributors are a great way of getting your brand message to your target audience, and the correct press release distributor can ensure that you reach those most likely to be interested in your business products or services.

There are many press release distributors companies, but we’ll focus on three of them: PR Newswire VS PRWeb VS Businesswire. Each of these have unique features which would benefit different businesses. It remains important to choose the best one according to your needs, however, we’ll take you through what you need to think about when deciding on the best one. 

The outright winner is Sitetrail for one simple reason: they are the only platform that can get editorial news published – which does not contain the inauthentic “press release” label. 

Why Press Release Distribution Services are Useful:

The press release industry has expanded considerably over the past couple of years because businesses have come to realize the significance of press releases. Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the press can be a central part of creating and maintaining a brand which is popular. 

Press releases are effective in aiding small businesses to share relevant information to the public, and this is very useful to any digital marketing campaign. They are used to share new products and messages with clients, and improve brand visibility and search engine optimization (SEO). 

Considerations when choosing a press distribution service:

It’s important to think about what your business needs and then decide on a press release distribution company which is best for you. Think about the following:

  • Who your target audience is and if it is in accordance with the target audience of the company.
  • The budget. 
  • Distribution options offered by the business. 
  • The geographical locations which are most important to your business. 
  • Unique requirements such as employees who have significant press writing experience. 

PR Newswire 

This is a well-established business and is well-known for an unprecedented client base and successful press release distribution. They have great customer support, and strive to always deliver the highest-standard press releases. This is because they have very high-level corporate customers who require only the best. 

However, they can become quite expensive so you’ll need to have a good budget to use them. They’re best for small, digital startups  who have enough money to support swift growth. This is because they have a sizable network of national and international outlets.

Business Wire

Businesswire is concerned with public relations and aid companies in getting their press release and disclosure targets. 

They are well-known for having the most inbound links, with numbers standing at 983,154. All of their press releases are accompanied by free graphics and logos. Most other press release distribution companies charge you extra for this. 

This company is great for financial institutions and advocacy groups. They ensure that financial disclosures and other reports are in accordance with the rigorous stock exchange disclosure regulations and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission Rules. Advocacy groups, on the other hand, can find advantage in Businesswire’s public policy network which grants you the opportunity to have your information shared with government offices and government decision-makers. 


PRWeb is well-liked by small businesses who want to boost their online presence. At the centre of their business plan is dominating social media, improving search result visibility, and furthering their products and services on online outlets. 

This company is beneficial to small businesses who want to focus on their online presence, rather than being promoted in big publications. For businesses who get most of their money online and rely on internet traffic for sales, PRWeb is a great press release distribution service. Examples of these are eCommerce shops or social media marketing consultants, as well as businesses who want to improve their online brand. 

PRWeb is also useful for companies who desire to increase how many people know about their products or services, and who want to do this very quickly. Print or broadcast takes a lot longer than online and doesn’t have the same lasting power. This is even relevant to local businesses including plumbers and electricians. 

Even if you are already fairly well-known, but not online, then PRWeb could really be useful to your business. For example, local theaters and art galleries may benefit from the company’s services. 

Final Take:

Even when you use exceptional press release distribution services, your information will always be titled as a “press release” without a real author being named. Sometimes this decreases trust in the business, even if the release features on well-known news syndicates such as Fox News, CNN, Mashable, Forbes, BBC, Huffington Post, CNBC and Marketwatch. Sitetrail, on the other hand, is a press release distributor which releases your news with real in-house journalists who share editorial news articles with authorship. For most readers, this means that they trust the information much more than if they think it comes directly from the business trying to promote themselves.