Call Centres: Hi-Tech Callback Solutions to Improve Customer Service

Call centres have to handle very high volumes of traffic, which very often leaves the caller frustrated, having spent a long time on the phone without getting to speak to someone, and this can really dumb down your business reputation. Even with automated queuing, callers are put on hold and the longer this goes on, the more stressful it is for the customer, yet with specialist callback technology, the caller can be offered a callback at a convenient time, which is often the preferred solution for the caller.

Compatible with All Telephony Platforms

If you use a state of the art application such as Callback Solution, the system can integrate with your existing platform and it works by checking the queue and the estimated waiting time (EWT) and can then offer the caller a callback at a convenient time, which is often a better option that holding. You can pre-configure the system regarding when a caller is offered a callback and when the call is returned, allowing you to streamline the service to suit your working environment.

Powerful Features

Here are some of the features a callback software package would offer:

  • Fully customisable audio prompts.
  • No additional licences required.
  • Estimated wait times and queue positions can be verbally given to the caller.
  • Caller can schedule the time for the callback.

The system is fully customisable in every respect, thus it can be tailored to your needs and as everything is automated, you won’t be using your critical resources.

Giving the Caller Choices

While we can’t do anything about the time it takes to speak to an engineer, it is now possible for the waiting caller to be given information and the option to request a callback at a convenient time, and the system integrates with your telephony platform, working silently in the background, helping callers to connect with the person they need. The system even allows the caller to set the time for the return call, plus they always have the choice to remain in the queue, and the system takes away the pressure from the call centre operatives. If you are looking to improve your cyber-security, here is an informative article on the subject.

Online Solutions

If you would like the ability to offer your callers the option of a callback, search online for a company that offers cloud-based services and they would be happy to demonstrate their product. If your small business needs some government support, click here. This would make a big difference to how your customers feel when they use you phone support, and that is a very important aspect of customer service.

At the end of the day, improving the customer experience is what counts for every business, and with a callback system in place, you are helping your customers make the connection they need. An online search will take you to the website of a leading provider of cloud-based services, and they would have what you are looking for.