Best Online Blogs for Those Interested in Learning About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency was the talk of the town a couple of years ago, with Bitcoin going to the moon and ICOs springing up around every corner. While the market has cooled down a bit, the main coins are still thriving, and the technology behind it all, blockchain, has a lot of promise.

There are a lot of major companies and financial institutions that are developing on the blockchain and some news of some major players jumping into the world of crypto.

So, where can someone interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain go to read breaking news and stay up to date on the latest news? Here are some blogs that are worth checking out.

Invest In Blockchain

This is a good blog that focuses on the technology behind the crypto craze, and what many experts feel has the most promising potential. It’s worth checking out to see if it meets your needs and features the type of content you want to consume.

“A lot of people always talk about Bitcoin and the other popular coins, but it’s the blockchain technology that really has unlimited potential,” says Darryl Howard, founder of a website that provides blogging tips. “A lot of large banks are now starting to pay attention, which is strong indication that we are going to be seeing more news about blockchain in the coming months.” A blog like Invest in Blockchain will be sure to have a lot of breaking news.

Crypto Coins News

This is a blog that has information on all of the popular coins as well as a lot of alt coins that are not as mainstream. It’s a good resource to check if you are looking to find information on an obscure or new coin.

“Crypto Coins News is exactly what is sounds like; news about crypto coins,” explains Ignacio Soria of “There are a lot of coins coming out, and although it’s not as intense as it was during the days of Bitcoin close to $20,000 a coin, you still need a good blog to turn to for the coins that aren’t mainstream and household names.”

Toshi Times

This is a popular modern crypto news blog that is popular among traders, investors and those in the industry. Quickly an insiders go-to, this is more popular with experts than just hobbyists.

“The Toshi Times is what I would call the most modern news-ish crypto news blog,” says Pat Skinner of AnswerFirst Communications, a company you can learn more about if you click here. “It always reports on the latest in news and happenings related to cryptocurrency as it relates to Washington, the Feds and modern society. If there is a news story involving Bitcoin, Ether or any other main coin or the technology in general, you can be certain that this blog will also be reporting on the events.”

Coin Desk

Coin Desk is a very professional blockchain news source, and one of the most respected media outlets when it comes to the subject.

“Coin Desk to blockchain is what Forbes is to the business world,’ says Pedro Del Nero of Vaporizer Vendor. “They are always breaking the top stories, they never miss a beat and they have a crew of reporters that take what they do very seriously. You can tell this media outlet loves the industry and are doing what they can to bring the latest news and information to one platform for all to take in.”

Their “Data” section has every pieces of data from all markets and coins, showing the trends, current trading levels and the changes over the past 24 hours. The market cap for all the top traded coins can be found here as well.

Coin Telegraph

This is a very financially focused blog that covers every aspect of crypto, and is more of a complete online resource than just a news source.

“While it’s a great source of news, it’s the information that is valuable, especially to someone not very familiar with crypto,” says Irene McConnell of Arielle Executive, a provider of outplacement services for executives. “The terminology resource alone is valuable, as are the market research tools and the price analysis, which breaks down the top ten coins.”

This is to the crypto world what the Wall Street Journal is to the traditional stock market. If it had to be compared to something else out there, that would make the most sense in terms of what it has under the hood.

Bitcoin News

This is the official blog from Bitcoin ,the most popular cryptocurrency.

“You aren’t going to find as much diverse information across different coins, like you will on other blogs, but for news and info on what many consider to be the most stable and valuable coin, this is a great read that anyone interested in coins should read,” says Loren Taylor, CEO of indoor fountain guidebook publisher Soothing Company.

This blog is a gateway to buy and mine the coin, as well as submit press releases or advertise, so take that with a grain of salt, and remember this is owned by Bitcoin, so they are highly unlikely to run any stories that paint the coin in a bad light.