Best custom tuning options for your ride

Like most modern cars, Mustang is designed for ultimate driving capabilities. It offers a perfect combination of performance and reliability, even in its sports variant. You can further unlock your pony’s real potential by investing in the right Mustang parts and custom tuning.

Getting the best tune will extract optimum performance from the new parts and keep your engine in perfect shape within the new tolerances.

Why Do You Need Custom Tuning for Your Ride?

Mustang custom tuning rewrites or reconfigures the stock engine parameters for better performance. It adjusts several parameters to extract more power from your ride via increased horsepower, improved throttle response, enhanced fuel economy, and aggressive shift points.

Your vehicle’s internal combustion engine has three primary components: air, fuel, and spark. Whenever the engine cylinders receive fuel and air differently, they need modification in the engine computer’s instructions to the injectors. Custom tuning improves the overall drivability and increases the gas mileage if you choose it wisely.

Which Custom Tuning Options to Choose?

Several modifications are enhanced through custom tuning and high-quality Mustang parts. The modifications that benefit the most are camshafts, cylinder heads, cold air intakes, intake manifolds, nitrous systems, fuel injectors, gear changes, and throttle bodies.

A custom tune is written according to the modifications made to your vehicle. They offer the same performance level as a Dyno tune but a fraction of its costs. Many handheld tuners are available in the market to give you the power and drivability you crave.

The top custom tuning options for a Mustang are:

Lund Racing Custom Tune

Lund Racing specializes in several late models, including Mustang V6, GT350, GT500, EcoBoost, and GT models. It ensures better power output, accurate automatic transmission, and enhanced shifting speed in your ride.

You may choose Lund Racing custom tune for additional horsepower, high torque, and flex conversions, too. You don’t have to pay anything for minor changes during the first 90 days, and there’s a small charge afterward for tune updates and Mustang parts.

Li Tuning and Racing Custom Tune

For all your tuning needs, you need the expertise and experience of the tuners like Sai Li of Li Racing & Tuning. With this option, you can custom-tune any Mustang model from 2007 to the present models.

Whether you own the Shelby GT500, Boss 302, Mustang EcoBoost, or Mustang V6, you can choose this option to fine-tune your ride for high performance and safety.

5 Star Custom Tuning

For more power and torque, 5 Star Tuning offers customized solutions with a refined approach and premium Mustang parts. They have Dyno developed, tested, and refined tunes to ensure the best quality in every tune-up. 

Whenever you add a new modification to your car, choose this option for better throttle response, efficiency, torque, and driving modes. It can eliminate the sluggish speed limits, sloppy camshafts, and other underperformers in your car.

The tuners adjust your fuel tables, torque converter, shift pressures, and timing according to the new modifications added.

When it comes to tuning, turbo cars offer phenomenal options due to documented changes. Think hard and be careful to choose the right tuning option depending on the kind of performance you wish to extract out of it.