Artificial Intelligence: The Promises & Risks

We all know that AI is already in use, computers that learn are putting content on your digital screen, as it remembers what you look at online. AI has enormous potential, of that there’s no doubt, but there are those who warn us that creating a machine that learns might just be the last thing mankind ever invents. Strong worlds indeed, but let’s go down that road for a moment, we build computers that learn, they have the capacity to suck up information that beggars belief, and it wouldn’t be long before an AI entity that we built knows more than the collective knowledge of humanity.

The Danger

If you were asked whether you thought that humanity was in any way harming the environment, you would most certainly answer yes. Indeed, the human race is destroying the environment at an alarming rate, the global warming we now face is the result of decades of pumping millions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, and how long would it take before AI understood that? Artificial intelligence works solely on the principle of logic and the risk is that AI will decide that if it took the human out of the loop, planet Earth would thrive, and consequently would set about destroying its creator, man.

The Positives

There are too many to mention in this article, if you take a good look around on your morning commute, you will notice technology is everywhere; automated access control systems allow you on the Tube, and there are hi-tech vending machines and huge digital advertising screens, the type of systems that a company like Tecdis would install and maintain. The white glove industry serves many tech sectors by moving and installing AI technology and they really know their stuff and can provide a wide range of white glove services.

Data Storage

Artificial intelligence is already configured into our lives, with facial recognition and other forms of biometrics, and a tech giant like Google would be very heavily invested in AI – if you Google something, within minutes, ads for that item pop up on your browser – and Google has huge data centres all over the world. Your Facebook feed is based upon your history, and they know what you like, how you like to pay for things, and perhaps more importantly, what you buy online.

The Future

Driverless vehicles are already on the roads and have been for a few years, and this is the future, which will see the death of the internal combustion engine, and without AI, this could never be possible. When every vehicle is controlled by AI, there could never be an accident, as vehicles are not allowed to get too close.

If you happen to own an Alexa, you already know that your digital assistant learns about you, your behaviour, your likes and dislikes, and we can expect to see ‘human’ robots by 2030. Available in either sex, the robot will be empowered in many ways and would provide you with a range of services from organising your day to taking out the trash, plus you will be able to have a basic conversation with your digital servant.

Like it or not, AI is here to stay and as long as we make sure we retain ultimate control, this learning technology could transform our planet.