A Dummy’s Guide To Electric Cars

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If there’s one advancement in automobile technology that’s taken the nation by storm over the last few years, it’s the rise of the electric vehicle (EV). They’ve been touted for their efficiency, environmental friendliness, and a wide swath of impressive technological features. Unfortunately, though, not everyone is up to speed on what EVs are all about and why they should possibly consider one.

Don’t fret, though, because this guide will provide you with a proverbial “crash course” on some of those details you wanted to know about electric cars, but never quite got around to asking your friends.

Electric Vehicles: The Broad Strokes

There’s one thing you were probably able to deduce just from the name alone: EVs run on battery power, and this is one of the biggest features that distinguishes them from traditional gas-powered automobiles.

With that difference comes a host of questions, though, with the first likely being about the cost of electric vehicles. It’s true that, for the moment at least, EVs generally have a higher initial price point than comparable gas-powered cars (because the batteries can be costly to manufacture). The trade-off, however, is that owners save money over time as they don’t have to spend on gas to fill their tanks.

Now, because they run on batteries, you might have questions about the range of your typical EV, or how long those batteries last. Those answers vary, but when it comes to range, you can expect most EVs on the market to get a few hundred miles off a full charge. You can compare the standard range of some of the most popular models on Inside EVs comprehensive scorecard.

When it comes to battery safety, you may have heard a few horror stories about the lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles failing, or even catching ablaze (necessitating the services of auto-defect lawyers like the Law Firm of Jeremy Rosenthal). While this certainly has happened, it’s not a typical occurrence, and what’s of more concern to the average motorist is how long that battery will last.

Give or take, an EV’s battery will last some years, but there are several factors that will dictate just how many you can squeeze out of it. Extreme temperatures, for instance, will degrade faster, as will repeated “fast charging” of the battery. You should take care to maintain your battery in order to maximize its lifespan.

And what about overall safety? This is another area where electric vehicles excel, and you’ll find yourself as safe or safer in most EVs as you would in a traditional automobile.

This should give you a lot to consider, so remember to continue doing your research and learning if you’re new to the world of electric vehicles and you’re thinking about potentially making the switch to one soon.