7 Ways to Store Your Pool Accessories

Whether you have an in-ground swimming pool or a child’s kiddie pool, storage can be a challenge when it comes to all the fun extras that come with owning a pool. When you’re done enjoying your pool for the season and it’s time to take down the water toys and pack them away until next year, these 7 storage tips will help.

1. Build a Rack

Make your own storage racks with PVC pipe. Cut the pieces to length at the desired width, stack them together and secure them with glue or clamps. Then slide in your floats, pool toys and other odds and ends for easy storage all year long! Be sure to use items that won’t stick to the storage rack, such as vinyl pool toys and inflatable rafts.

2. Hang Bags

A storage bag is a great storage solution when it comes to big, bulky pool floats. The storage bags are designed to hold one large item each, so they’re perfect for storing your rafts or noodles in the storage shed or garage all year long. Hang them up with the storage bag straps and make sure you label which pool toy belongs in each storage bag.

3. Toys in a Storage Trunk

A storage trunk is a great way to keep your pool shed organized and looking sharp, especially if you have floats or other bulky accessories that don’t easily fit into storage bags or boxes. You can make your own storage trunks with plywood and hinges, or go the quick route and buy storage trunks from a storage equipment retailer.

4. Behind the Pool Fence

If storage space is at a premium where you live, consider hanging storage behind your pool fence. You can easily install storage baskets or storage hooks along the top of the fence for your floats and other water accessories.

5.Underneath Pool Chairs

Underneath pool chairs is another storage spot you might not have considered. You can easily attach storage nets or storage buckets to the underside of your deck chairs, so they’re out of sight and off the ground where they won’t get damaged if they get knocked over.

6. Pool Storage Shed

For storage and organization, nothing beats a pool storage shed. Add shelves to the racks and close it up for an organized space that is not taking up valuable storage space in your garage or shed. You can build this yourself if you’re handy with tools, or buy one from a pool supply store.

7. Suspended Storage

If you want to keep storage up out of the way, suspended storage is super simple. Just use your pool ladders and hooks for storage; hook an inflatable raft along the side of the ladder or hang a storage bag off the handle. You’ll be amazed at how much storage that gives you!

These storage tips should help you keep all your pool accessories stored away neatly and safely, to be enjoyed again next year.