7 Ideas for a Summer Deck Makeover

7 Ideas for a Summer Deck Makeover

If your deck is looking a little sorry for itself after the winter we’ve just had, then it’s time for a renovation. After all, summer is nearly here and we will all soon be going back out to our gardens and enjoying time outside, either by ourselves or, virus permitting, with our friends too. 

This post, therefore, is your go-to resource for some of the ways you might want to make over your summer deck. Check out our ideas below: 

Replace Your Deck Boards

Non-composite deck boards can wear out pretty quickly, especially when exposed to ice. Freeze-thaw weathering over the winter prizes open sections of the wood’s grain, causing damage and allowing organics to enter and wreak havoc. 

But the good news is that replacing your deck boards is a piece of cake. And it can make all the difference to the atmosphere of your outdoor living space

Add a Lattice Wall

Sometimes, your decking areas can lack privacy. Neighbors can easily overlook your garden and see what you’re doing – not what you want. 

Adding a lattice wall, however, is a natural, attractive and subtle way of preventing prying eyes from ruining your outdoor fun. You can even add to the natural appeal by allowing climbing shrubs, like ivy, to grow over the structure. 

Repaint Your Railings

After a couple of years, deck railings can start to look a little tired. While this process is completely natural and to be expected, it can detract from the overall appearance of your outdoor areas. And, if you leave it too long, it can also accelerate your deck’s depreciation. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to repaint at regular intervals. Always sand away old paint first and apply a primer before gloss. 

Add Better Seating

Your deck might look great. But if your seating isn’t up to par, you won’t want to use it this summer.

The good news is that seating options are substantially better than they were in the past. You can now get comfortable outdoor sofas, recliners and loungers, all with rain-proof cushions!

Add a Rug

Does your deck have a roof or canopy? If so, you might want to put down a rug. Adding an area rug helps to make your deck feel soft underfoot and virtually eliminates the risk of getting a splinter. It can also add color and vibrancy to your outdoor space, helping it to merge with your interiors. 

Add Fresh Lighting

Still struggling to improve your deck’s mood? Why not try adding some fresh lighting? 

Your options here are virtually endless. Fairy lights look great, as do lanterns suspended from your canopy. If you want, you can also purchase RGB lighting that allows you to set the light to any color you want. 

Add Period Features

Lastly, if you want your deck to have a little more character, consider investing in period, rustic features for it. Things like reclaimed wood, old lanterns, chests and rails can all make a big difference to how it appears and your overall enjoyment of the space.