6 Home Technologies that Make Life Easier

Over 90% of Americans own smart home devices—and for good reason. Smart devices can make everyday life easier. They can help to save money and time. In fact, installing smart technology in your home can save you up to 30 minutes a day and $2,000 worth of bills every year.

However, choosing the right device for your home is key. Smart technology is expanding every day, and there are now a range of devices and technologies to choose from for common household needs.

Below you will find six smart home technologies that could help make your life easier:

1. Smart Locks 

If you’re fed up of having big keychains of keys in your bag or pocket that take up valuable space or are forever misplacing your keys, a smart lock may be a great choice.

Forget your keys at the office? Lock your keys in your house? No problem. You can unlock your car with ease through a digital keypad or with the use of an app on your tablet or phone.

This can also be a lifesaver if you have a regular babysitter or house cleaner, as a smart lock can remember up to 100 permanent, recurring, or temporary passcodes. 

2. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are revolutionizing the way that we heat our homes. These devices have movement sensors to detect activity in your home, and they use data to automatically adjust your home’s heating for peak times.

You can set guideline temperatures so the temperature doesn’t go higher or lower than you’d like, and you’ll be able to control it both from your actual thermostat in your home and through an app on your phone. 

3. Tankless Water Heaters

One eco-friendly product that is gaining popularity in home plumbing is the tankless water heater.

Finding the perfect tankless water from a water heater company in Encino will help you to make your life easier because they take up significantly less space than a tank water heater, providing you with extra storage room, and they have higher efficiency, saving you money. Tankless water heaters provide you with constant hot water and energy savings, making them an emerging technology well worth the switch.

4. Smart Kitchen 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so if you’re looking to add smart technology to your home, there are plenty of smart kitchen devices to choose from. Make your morning routine easier with a smart coffee machine, or update to a smart fridge so you can check what food you have at home when you’re at the grocery store or out and about.

If you enjoy cooking there are tons of handy gadgets for you to utilize, such as smart scales. They will recommend recipes, help you weigh ingredients, and convert measurements. You can find a smart device to help for nearly any need you have in the kitchen. 

5. Smart Hub

If you’re serious about creating a smart home network, then a smart hub is an absolute must. It acts as the framework for controlling all your smart home devices.

There are certainly a variety to choose from, too. You could choose a voice-controlled Echo or Google Assistant that also doubles as a speaker. Or if you would like manual control, you can make use of wall switch controls or remote controls.

6. Smart Vacuum

One all-around favorite and time-saver is the smart vacuum. This neat little gadget will navigate itself around your home, cleaning it so you don’t have to. Some models will even empty themselves! They are a fantastic way of keeping on top of the everyday mess in your home without the need to take the time out of your day.

With the help of these smart home devices, every day can be smooth sailing—or at least a little smoother than yesterday was. They’ll save you both money and time so you can enjoy life’s pleasures.