6 Common Reasons Marriages End

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No one ever wants to imagine that their relationship could end, especially when you’re married to someone who was supposed to be your life-long partner. Unfortunately, this is the reality for roughly 45% of all married couples in the United States. 

What causes these once great unions to end in such high numbers? If you’re worried your marriage might be on the fringe, then these six common reasons might be the problem. 

1. Cheating

Infidelity remains one of the top reasons for a divorce. While that fact is clear-cut, the reasoning behind why partners cheat varies wildly. Anger, resentment, and a lack of emotional intimacy are often reported as the reason why individuals choose to sleep with someone else. 

Experts say that infidelity begins as something seemingly innocent. Friendship leads to emotional affairs that ultimately turn physical. Regardless of the reasoning, few people choose to stay in a marriage where their partner is unfaithful, and rightfully so says Common Cents Mom.

2. Finances

Money and stress go hand in hand. Years of financial struggle can take its toll on any relationship, leading to an increase in arguments and a lack of intimacy. If struggling with bills isn’t the issue, it might be different spending habits or a shopping addiction. 

3. Poor Communication

Every relationship you have relies on communication to work. An inability to communicate emotions, expressing yourself in angry or nasty ways, and simply not talking at all are common culprits. If any of these are the case in your marriage, the good news is that counseling can help. 

4. Abuse

Physical, mental, and emotional abuse can quickly end a relationship. While not everyone leaves their abusive partner right away, most find a way out eventually. There’s only so much someone can take, and that breaking point is almost always just around the corner. 

If you are the victim of abuse, then it is vital that you get out of that situation as soon as possible before your partner’s behavior takes a turn for the worst. A bilingual domestic violence defense attorney in Los Angeles urges their callers to not let fear, uncertainty, or even a language barrier stand in the way of seeking help. 

5. Lack of Intimacy

Sometimes, life gets in the way of an otherwise healthy relationship. Work, finances, sickness, and family issues can all take precedent over your usual routines. The end result is a lack of both physical and emotional intimacy. 

Getting your relationship back on track is difficult, but you can make it happen one step at a time. Start with small acts of kindness to show your partner you still appreciate them. If stress is killing your mood, rekindle that physical intimacy with hugs, kisses, and maybe a nice massage. Whatever you do, start small and work your way back to how things used to be. 

6. Constant Arguing

After the “honeymoon phase” is over, many couples find that they aren’t as compatible as they once thought. This results in bickering, yelling, and continual arguments. While it’s perfectly natural for couples to argue, it becomes an issue when these fights happen constantly. Without any resolution, this is a sure fire path to signing divorce papers.