5 Tips for Quick Packing & Moving

Post office worker packing vase in box for delivery

When packing and moving, keeping the process quick should be a priority for you. Packing can take up a lot of time if it’s done slowly, so here are some tips to help you pack quickly and efficiently:

Tip #1: Make Good Use Of Boxes & Labels

When packing your things into boxes, try to use good packing materials such as packing paper or bubble wrap to protect breakable items if possible. Additionally, it helps a ton if each box is clearly labeled on all sides using masking tape and a marker. Tot only will this help you find what you need when unpacking, but also help movers know where to place the boxes in your new residence. Using boxes that are too large is another common packing problem. You should aim to have the contents of each box be as concentrated as possible for packing efficiency later, so using smaller boxes is a better alternative.

Tip #2: Consider The Benefits Of Storage Units

If you don’t have room for everything, but need some things saved away until later, using a storage unit might be a good option for keeping your packing time quick and efficient. They allow you to pack a large number of items into a small space for temporary storage, and are usually cheaper than packing everything up in your own residence (though this depends on your location).

Tip #3: Pack Lightly When Moving Furniture

Packing furniture and packing boxes can be done in basically the same way, so use packing materials to your advantage by packing your items as densely as possible. Packing light will help you save money on moving costs and give movers a better idea of how to move larger pieces. If packing up a chair or desk proves difficult, it helps to put newspapers inside the packing box to keep them from sliding around during transport.

Tip #4: Prepare All Necessary Documents In Advance

Moving can be stressful enough, so why add to the list of things to do when packing if you don’t have to? Before packing anything, make sure that any necessary paperwork has been prepared and ready for transport (license, passport, social security card (if applicable), etc.).

Tip #5: Get Organized Before You Start Packing

Last but not least, it helps tremendously if you get organized before you actually begin packing your things. This means grouping items (categorizing books by subject, organizing plates by size and type of dish) to make packing more efficient.

By following these tips for quick packing & moving, you’ll help yourself out in the long run especially since it will mean saving valuable time and money!