5 Sectors With The Most Job Openings

Thanks to the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs. The World Economic Forum estimates that as much as 42% of layoffs during COVID 19 will become permanent. Traditional employment is still something many people look for since it gives them a stable, dependable paycheck. We delved into LinkedIn and the job boards to find the industries that are actively hiring post-COVID. Hopefully, this will help you land another gig before your savings run out.

1. The Technology Sector

The Economic Times of India mentions that the COVID 19 pandemic has created a boom for IoT and other connected tech industries. Tech will continue to be among one of the most stable economic sectors as employers use technology to adjust to the pandemic, primarily because it can rely on work-from-home agreements with its employees. If you aren’t qualified in the tech field, a handful of boot camps will get you up and running and set you on the right track to getting a long-term job in the sector.

2. The Financial Sector

Finance is always looking for new talent to join their ranks. If you can grasp how money moves and have some qualifications in the art of managing finances, then this might be the route for you to take. Several firms offering employment benefits are hunting for new talent in the fields of investment, banking, and mutual funds. If you aren’t qualified for this field, it might be a good investment to look into getting a few certifications.

3. Media & Content Production

Another one of the industries that was only partially hit by the COVID 19 pandemic was content production and media. Being able to put together good sales copy or write in-depth, insightful articles does take a bit of skill. However, it’s one of those fields that you can seek to master just through practice. Becoming a content producer or media creator in an area that you’re already qualified in is a great way to utilize your specialty while switching gears into a different industry.

4. Customer Service and Hospitality

The truth is that the hospitality industry is hurting thanks to the lockdowns. Having more personnel to deal with the influx of new arrivals is a necessity. Dealing with customers is only the start, however. Many of the businesses in this industry, such as Legacy Quartzite Countertops, are trying to fill roles that aren’t just customer-facing but are also corporate. 

5. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

With more people being acutely aware of their health, this industry is expected to explode once things start opening. There are openings for research assistants at pharmaceutical labs, but there is a rush to get skilled professionals in their doors. If you intend to leverage your skills to fight the virus, this might be the place you can do the most good.

A Weakened Economy is Dangerous

Traditionally, employment has been ailing for some time. This final blow that the pandemic has dealt will see workplaces start looking at work-from-home options in earnest. Since many employees have managed to remain productive while working remotely, these businesses realize they don’t need so many hires. Luckily for the rest of us, there are always openings in other industries—all it takes is a bit of searching to find the most profitable ones.