5 Monthly Services Businesses Are Investing in by 2022

Portrait of happy senior Vietnamese woman and cleaning service worker holding detergent with cellulose sponge

The monthly service business model is growing rapidly, creating many opportunities for entrepreneurs to get involved. Here’s a short list of monthly services that you might want to invest in by 2022.

Managed IT Services 

With companies continually increasing their reliance on technology and online service, Managed IT Services will continue to grow over the next 10 years. It’s no wonder why managed IT services should be high on your business investment list if you plan to work with monthly services. If your company doesn’t already have its own security team set up- outsource this function for monthly management of all aspects of your network. This can help free up time employees while also ensuring secure data protection.

Private Investigation Services 

Businesses can’t risk a data security breach for the sake of a monthly service. A background check, credit report or other piece of sensitive information could be stolen by competitors. This monthly service once provided in-house is now available to outsource monthly . It’s no wonder private investigation services are becoming more popular. While it might not seem like this industry would require monthly billing, many agencies choose monthly subscriptions because they offer more value than paying an hourly rate.

Cleaning Services

Whether you’re still using your employees to clean your office building or you outsource for complete monthly management , cleaning services will continue to grow in popularity over the next decade. With spending less time on daily non-revenue generating tasks, entrepreneurs will have more time to focus on their business and monthly services.

Marketing Services

As more monthly services businesses enter the marketplace , it becomes crucial that you differentiate your business online through monthly marketing services. A monthly service such as social media management is one way to accomplish this differentiation.

Food Services 

Your employees probably already know if monthly food services were offered by another company in the community soon they would switch over. This monthly service is highly desired by those with long hours at the office and little time for lunch breaks (which often include a longer wait than an employee can afford). Even restaurants who don’t offer monthly subscriptions will also benefit from this monthly service as it likely means new customers trying out their monthly subscription service.

Good monthly services can provide assistance to companies who lack the individual expertise or time to handle this particular monthly service. Over the next decade, expect monthly services such as these to become even more popular and profitable for those entrepreneurs who invest early.