4 Reasons You Need More Than Just Antivirus Software

Every single time you log into your computer, you are at risk. That sounds dramatic, but if you are working in the business world, you know how easy it is for hackers and criminals to get into your online information and steal your data. 

It’s not easy to keep hackers at bay, especially as digital technology is developing so quickly. The more we put up walls to protect our business information, the faster hackers are working to knock those walls down.

The thing is, antivirus programs only focus on keeping viruses off of the computer or server you are using. They try to remove the viruses that get past your antivirus software defenses, but viruses are often more clever than that! 

A virus works to interfere with the programs trying to remove them; they can hide within the computer’s depths, so scans can often miss them. It used to be that antivirus software was enough to protect you from even the nastiest viruses that are pushed out via links, but it’s getting harder to stop them. 

Technology and malware, as mentioned, are getting smarter together, which is making cybersecurity more and more difficult to manage. So, you need more than just antivirus software, and we’ve got four reasons why!

Viruses Trump Software

Most antivirus software is outdated the moment you install it. It sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? Viruses and malware are often more advanced than the software you install, and your software doesn’t change with the evolving viruses. 

Unless your software is being constantly updated with your managed service provider, savvy cybercriminals are likely able to get around your antivirus software with ease. It may well be able to stop malware from settling in, but viruses are harder to push away, and viruses will almost always trump software. 

Unless you have a managed service provider consistently updating your protections for you or monitoring your network, you will not always be able to avoid getting viruses on your computer.

Antivirus Software Is Slow

Programs that are installed on your computer can often take hours to remove the threat, and in all that time, your computer systems are exposed. This is too dangerous, and by the time you have gotten rid of the danger, new viruses and threats come up. You need to be able to manage risks and keep your systems consistently protected.

Antivirus Software Is Weak

Antivirus software can be effective when it’s on one computer and when your one computer is your only concern. The thing is, most businesses don’t just use one computer, or even one kind of device. They use phones, tablets, and the cloud to manage their day-to-day operations.

Without an expert managed service provider, you will find that your antivirus software is too weak to cover all of these devices. There are many opportunities for these devices to be broken into, especially if you use more than one device for your workplace.

Remote Working Increases Risk

All of those devices that we mentioned earlier are often used outside the workplace. With the influx of remote working in 2020, we need to protect business and our employees.

 Public networks make it easy for cybercriminals to watch how you’re conducting yourself online, and they can access your personal information and your sensitive and confidential data. With the right VPN and help from a managed service provider, you can ensure that you have the proper protection for your remote devices, too.

A layered approach to your security is the best option, and speaking to a managed service provider will get you that help you need.