4 Home Designs Coming Back into Fashion

4 Home Designs Coming Back into Fashion

Vintage wooden home interior design

Homes are constantly undergoing changes. New home designs for living spaces or home renovations are constantly coming into play to keep up with modern times. However, there are home design trends that take their cues from the past and appear to be making a comeback. Here is a brief look at four home designs that seem set to make home decor great again.

1. Vintage Home Designs

Homes built before World War II were made of natural materials like stone, timber, and slate flooring instead of cement floors which produced dust particles harmful for breathing. Floors were often built with cross ventilation, meaning air could pass through several openings near the floor level leading outwards towards the walls. This helped circulate fresh air into even the deepest corners of the house. Modern home designs lack these features making them unfit for modern living. 

2. Home Designs with Porches

The 19th century home was built to face south, taking advantage of natural light and heat during the cold winter months. Homes would be set high off the ground to stay cool on summer days. The front porch provided an entranceway which also acted as workspace during warmer weather. The front yard was made into elaborate gardens because flowers could survive winter temperatures better than shrubs or trees. This home design came back into fashion after World War II when people sought out homes with porches because they reminded them of ” home sweet home.” 

3. Home Designs with Circular Windows

The Victorian home design made circular windows popular because it was the only material that could be cut into circles at that time. It became a home decor feature in homes during the late 1800s. This home design trend has recently come back through vintage home designs which often make use of circular windows as a home décor feature. These days you’ll find a lot of homes using recycled wood from demolished buildings or making use of materials from reclaimed trees to build their home making vintage home designs a little more eco-friendly than modern ones. 

4. Home Designs with Cabinets

19th century home designs were made to make the most of home space. Cabinets are one aspect of home design that people who built homes in the past would be proud of. 19th century home designers used cabinets not just for storage but also as home décor elements because they could conceal home appliances like washing machines or stoves behind them. Mod Cabinetry home designs often include cabinets because they are good storage tools, but can also be great home décor elements if they’re placed in areas where home appliances are not necessary.

Following these 4 home designs trends will give your home a home décor element that is vintage yet modern. Mod Cabinetry home designs can help you in choosing and installing cabinets, porches, and other home decor aspects in the home to bring its design into the 21st century while taking advantage of home décor elements from the past.