4 Colors to Paint Your Home When Trying to Sell

Beautiful young couple having fun and painting walls using paint rollers in their new house. Home makeover and renovation concept.

When selling a home, it is often necessary to show potential buyers what the home looks like on the inside. In order to get this across correctly, many home sellers may consider painting their home before selling it. However, there are several different colors that home sellers need to be aware of when choosing what color they would like their home painted in. Here are some popular choices and reasons why each one of them is a good option for home paint:

Neutral White/Cream

  • This will provide a clean look that is more aesthetically pleasing than other colors while still being neutral enough not to negatively impact a sale.


  • This provides a more homey look for homes that need to be sold quickly.

Gray/Chocolate Brown

  • This provides a home with a more luxurious look, which is great for homes that are expensive and can attract a wealthy buyer. However, these colors may not work as well if the home has lower ceilings or small windows.


  • These colors bring out the best features of any home. It often brings out picturesque qualities of glass and metal such as water and reflective surfaces such as mirrors and crystal vases. However, they can also make home seem too cold or uninviting so it is important to paint only one wall in this color with every three walls painted in another color with a different tone. For example, a living room with one purple wall and the other three walls painted in a warm neutral color would be a homey feeling room while maintaining an air of sophistication.

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