3 Mistakes Your Employees Make that Threaten Your Security

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With the increasing rate and cost of cybercrime, cybersecurity is crucial to any business. Today, cybercrime is costing companies above $3.5 billion annually, so not only does excellent levels of cybersecurity help you save money, but it also helps you protect your reputation.

Currently, companies are putting measures to implement various security solutions to keep off hackers and other cybercriminals. Unfortunately, there is one part that cannot be fully fixed; human error. Occasionally, your employees make mistakes, which can put your company network at risk.

Therefore, the best way to lead your workers past some common mistakes is by first knowing them. Here are the three most common mistakes your employees make that might threaten your company’s security and how to fix them.

Using Weak Passwords

This is the most common blunder that can threaten your company’s security. When you fail to set passwords using the appropriate procedure, they can easily be subject to cybercriminals infiltrating your company’s network.

Using strong passwords is usually one of the best ways to protect the privacy of data stored on servers across your company’s network. To eliminate this problem, consider teaching your workers everything about the significance of strong passwords.

A strong password should be a long thread of letters, unique characters, and numbers that cannot be guessed. Additionally, avoid using a similar password for many accounts for many years.

Not Having the Knowledge of Cybersecurity

If your employees know nothing about cybersecurity, they probably don’t know what to do and what not to do regarding your company’s security. For instance, they won’t know that they should not open any suspicious emails, click on any links, or open attachments from unknown people. In addition, they won’t know that they should not use personal devices at work, particularly when connected to an open Wi-Fi source.

Installing Unauthorized Applications

When you are in a café, abroad, or an airport, public Wi-Fi might seem like a convenience. Your remote employees who travel frequently use public Wi-Fi to work on the move. However, they fail to realize that using public Wi-Fi to access your company’s network can be risky since it can be hacked. Cybercriminals can quickly gain access to your company’s sensitive and confidential data.

They use this public Wi-Fi to install malware on the employees’ devices who have allowed file sharing on their system. So, to combat these hackers, you need to advise your workers against using public Wi-Fi hotspots when connecting to the company’s network.

In addition, you can advise your workers always to use a VPN that encrypts all the data passing through the network. This can help keep away cybercriminals lurking on the web.

Keeping all this in mind, training your workers becomes of much significance. Get the help of  an IT Company, in Coconut Creek to have your workers trained on making intelligent security decisions. Also, ensure that your employees are trained on all the aspects of cybersecurity and provide them with the right tools and software that is safe, legal, and up to date.