10 Top Custom Home Upgrades That Will Increase Resale Value

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Custom home upgrades are the best way to increase resale value on your custom built home.  By customizing your home with these simple, but elegant custom home upgrades, you can ensure that you will get back most, if not all of what you paid for it – even if it’s years later!  So save yourself some time and money by customizing your custom-built homes with these 10 top custom home improvements.

1. Custom Shutters

Shutters are incredibly popular among homeowners at all income levels because they never go out of style and come in almost every color imaginable. They are also a great choice for custom home upgrades because they are inexpensive yet make a big impact on the curb. Plus, they’re easy to custom-build to fit almost any window style, large or small.   

2. Custom Loveseat in Sunroom

A custom loveseat is another great custom home upgrade that will increase resale value on your custom built home. This custom item is both beautiful and functional – perfect for enjoying the view of your garden or backyard while reading a book or watching the birds. You can also consider adding an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor TV, hot tubs, covered patios, fire pits, custom ponds, etc., when deciding upon custom home upgrades for increasing resale value.

3. Shower with Detachable Faucet for Bathtub

Many people feel as though their bathtubs are out of date by the time they move into a custom home. This custom upgrade is a great way to increase resale value since it gives you the opportunity to update your custom-built shower without having to do any major construction or customizations. All you need is a custom faucet that detaches from its base, allowing you to attach it right onto your custom built shower wall.

4. Walk In Tubs

Walk-in tubs are yet another popular custom home upgrade that not only increases the resale value on custom homes, but also provides homeowners with increased mobility and safety when entering or exiting their showers. They also give owners the feeling of luxury even if they’re just taking a simple shower!

5. Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Another custom home upgrade that will increase the resale value on custom homes is an outdoor fireplace. In addition to being a family favorite, custom fireplaces are great for entertaining guests, providing warmth on chilly evenings, and making your custom built home a little cozier!  

6. Custom Kitchen Islands

Adding custom kitchen islands has become more common over the past few years because it provides homeowners with even more space to work or just have fun! These custom upgrades not only increase resale value, but they also maximize storage and give you a spot to sit while you enjoy a quick breakfast before work or some coffee as you chat with neighbors!    

7. Low VOC Paint

If you custom-built your custom home, then you probably remember the smell of paint filling every room. Yet another custom home upgrade that will increase resale value is low VOC paint.  Low VOC paints are safer for both yourself and the environment, leaving your custom built home with a fresh scent instead! So let’s say you move out or sell your custom built homes -eh no big deal, just repaint it again!

8. Custom Deck

Custom decks are yet another great way to increase resale value on custom homes, provide homeowners with an additional place to relax outside, and give owners the opportunity to show off their unique style. They also allow owners to enjoy their gardens or backyard without worrying about bugs or the weather. Lastly, custom decks are a great place to host summer BBQs and make memories with friends and family.

9. Custom Home Office

Custom home office upgrades is an excellent custom upgrade that will increase resale value on custom homes. Whether you want a home office to pay bills or work from home, customizing your custom-built house gives you the opportunity to add additional square footage without having to move walls around! Plus, almost any homeowner can benefit from having their own quiet little space in which they can be themselves and focus on their passions without interruption.

10. Natural Stone Walkways

Natural stone walkways are yet another custom home upgrade that will increase resale value on custom homes. Instead of having to go out and purchase expensive materials, customizing your custom built home allows you to use leftover rocks from your landscape or backyard that may have otherwise gone to waste. Not only will this custom upgrade increase resale value, but it also adds charm, character, and is a great way to keep bugs out of the house!

The custom renovations listed above are just some of the top custom home upgrades that will not only make your custom built house feel more like home, but they will also give you the opportunity to increase resale value by selling your custom houses for even more money! Although customizing your custom-built house may seem intimidating at first, these custom home upgrades are fun and easy investments that any homeowner can do. All you need is a little inspiration and an idea of what kind of customizations you want done on your custom-built house. If you’re wondering where to begin with customizing your custom built house, BuildonYourLand has all the information homeowners need to customize their custom built home the right way.